What is MYSQL ? What are the Benefits of using MySQL?

MySQL is one of the successful Open-Source databases applied in many organizations for the development of websites. It is the software stack design it supports in producing web forms and websites. Learn MySQL Training in Chennai at FITA Academy and gain advanced knowledge in SQL. Here in this blog, We discuss What is MYSQL and What are the Benefits of using MySQL. 

What Is MySQL?

MYSQL is a Relational Database Management System. This database is written in C++ and C language, and it is working on various stages like oracle Solaris, Microsoft Windows, AIX Symbian, MAC OS, Linux, etc.  

It is possible in two versions

  • MySQL Community Server (Open Source).
  • MySQL Enterprise Server (Proprietary).

Both of the versions share an equal codebase without enterprise Edition appears with a range of distances that can be installed as server plugins.

What are the Benefits of using MySQL?

Benefits of MySQL

The top features of the MySQL database like High Availability, Data Security & Cloud Service. 

Easy to use

It can be quickly reached by users with essential SQL data and knowledge of different relational databases.

Free Payment

A different advantage of managing this database is that the user doesn’t have to pay money to pay the excess fee, as it is available for damage and potential on the recognized website for download.

Customizable Code

It is possible as an open-source device, the software developers have an opportunity to customize the reference code through their own purposes and apply it. The reference code is easily possible for web users. 


It allows one of the various acquired databases in the system and it is therefore managed by well-established web forms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

Its several protection characteristics like Encryption,  Firewall, User Authentication are the practical support in preserving sensible user knowledge from troubles.


It helps the multi-engine accommodation characteristic which helps database managers to configure the database in a plan to support the workload. Hence, it performs the database perfectly in the duration of the performance.

High Availability

It allows 24*7 hours availability and allows solutions like Master/Slave Replication and specific Cluster Servers.

Friendly Platform

MySQL is one of the best platform-friendly databases maintaining a number of plans like Microsoft Windows, Oracle Solaris, AIX, Linux, etc.

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