Top 5 Manual Testing Tools

What is Manual Testing? 

Manual testing is the method of manually analyzing and examining a software form for bugs, errors, and vulnerabilities. Testers and software developers do this testing without any tools, to find any defects within the software. Learn Manual Testing Training in Chennai, at FITA Academy and gain more knowledge in the Manual Testing Process. Here in this blog, we discuss the Top 5 Manual Testing Tools. 

The steps within a manual testing proposal involve:

  • User acceptance testing (UAT)
  • Unit testing
  • Integration testing
  • System testing

Top 5 Manual Testing Tools:

A large variety of the programs can improve the method of manual testing and, the result has a positive impact on the production issues.  

Testing Case Supervisors:

This program can assist in measuring, report and perform the manual test design data. Since testing demands a lot of investigation and documentation, individual plans must regularly appear in handy and be available to check effects from increasing quickly and growing out of control. These programs are usually reducing the workload when it appears to creating and maintaining elements up to date.


Through this tool, we can handle everything and, the case can also record the test systems or series. It also can be combined with several third companies to implement certain recording issues.


Zephyr obsoletes spreadsheets, multiple specifically when combined with Jira. It improves the clarity of the search effects by allowing a well-ordered design plan, proper for the largest build models.


TestLink can be recognized as an ambidextrous tool and, it can hold both automated and manual testing. It is free, open-source, and has plenty to contribute by combining particular demands to special events. 


Trello is famous for its adaptable project control and efficient tracking of effects. Testers can give the license to generate the queries on a board with an easy operation plan that can be more fine-tuned handling some confusion self-regulation controls. 


One of the best organizations trading with following plans investments. Jira is profound as a control device because of its easy and adaptable structure.

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