The Latest Features of Angular 12

The Latest Features of Angular 12

Other than router performance upgrades and stricter types, there are some other changes to the system. These include DatePipe and number line misuses like passing an array at an accumulation time. Let’s find out angular 12 new features.

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Ivy Everywhere – Angular

The View Engine was finally removed from Angular 12. The community has been working on ongoing deliveries to achieve the goal of combining the Angular ecosystem with Ivy. This is called “Ivy Everywhere”.

  • The View Engine is now deprecated and will be removed from future major releases.
  • View Engine is used by Current libraries. It will work with Ivy apps in all cases (no design work is required). However, library authors should consider moving to Ivy.

Deprecating support of IE11

Angular is a stable platform that keeps up with the evolving web ecosystem. We can now focus on providing modern solutions and better support to clients and engineers by removing legacy browser support. As another angular 12 new features, the team added a deprecation message and removed support for IE11 from Angular v13.

Production built by default

The ng-build command has made a significant improvement to a development build. Angular 12 will make the ng build default to a production version. It will help a few groups avoid tragically building and transferring development builds into production environments. It’s also one of the notable angular 12 new features.

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New Dev Tools

Angular 12 was released a few days ago. The Angular group reported that Angular Dev tools for Google Chrome is now available. The embedded profiler allows you to preview and record change detection events. This can be used to monitor which components and detection cycles took the longest. Angular had previously used semi-official Dev Tools that were not compatible in Ivy. This is a win-win for everyone.

Typescript 4.2

One of the most important updates to Angular 12 features is Typescript 4.2 support. On the 23rd of February 2021, a stable version was released. This version includes many exciting new features as well as breaking changes. Let’s take a look at Typescript 4.2, and see how it will affect developers and Angular 12.

Improved Type Alias

In past forms, TypeScript didn’t resolve types effectively. TypeScript will return all the correct types in most cases, but not the valid alias. This causes TypeScript to be difficult to read and may repeat the same code repeatedly. The re-aliasing for such types currently reliably shows and receives the new type alias.


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