Testing Methodologies and Importance of Estimating the Time for Testing

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Testing Methodologies and Importance of Estimating the Time for Testing

Before getting into the topic, We will discuss the challenges in various testing methodologies and software development. The most faced challenge in software development will be the balance between the quality and deployment of the software. Because testing the application will make sure to satisfy the customer needs, error-free, low risk by the test cases and executing this test cases may lead to software deployment to get postponed. It will affect the desired product launch. Reach out to FITA Academy to avail of Software Testing Training in Chennai with in-depth knowledge in software testing methodologies and their types.

Why Estimating the time is more important in software testing?

Two main factors have to keep as a thumb rule while planning for the software estimation time process.

  1. Testers will get difficult to exertion in finding the exact time required to complete the task.
  2. It has to be a continuous process even after the product started production.

The reason behind the importance of test time management will rely upon planning. The proper planning will give you the added value to the testing process, and also it will reflect in the product quality.

Software quality will reach customer satisfaction without overstepping the estimated time, and the customer agreed to cost.

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Estimating the time for all stages of testing

The testing process went through various stages, and the time estimation of each testing stage should be more definite. If you achieve this desired time in each stage of testing, that will be your key factor.

  1. Plan & Control
  2. Design & Analysis
  3. Implement and Execute
  4. Deployment and Reporting
  5. Closure activities.

Testing Methodologies to Estimate the Time

The below three application testing methodologies will help you to estimate the time of testing with high accuracy.

  1. Delphi methodology
  2. Three-Point methodology
  3. Function-Point methodology

The above three methods will work based on Experts talks, statistical data, Best and worst-case scenarios, past project size, and weight data. Analyzing these data will give you a precise estimation time. But it will cause the following,

  • Time-consuming
  • Profound-Labour
  • Less Flexibility

Sometimes, Your most complete plans will be easily affected if unexpected events occur suddenly. So to overcome this, we have the following testing methodologies to use wisely.

  1. Trial and Error method
  2. Analogy and Experts method
  3. Task Breakdown
  4. Top-Down & Bottom-Up method

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