How much java is required for selenium

Selenium with Java

Java is popular and frequently used programming language for writing automation test scripts. Java is binding with selenium to automate the test scripts. Testers mostly preferred Java for selenium testing. Learn about java concepts used in selenium through the Selenium with Java Training by experienced automation testers.

To work with selenium, Testers must know the basic java concepts for selenium. Java has a huge number of programming concepts. So not anyone can learn every java concept. An only a limited portion of java programs for selenium is enough to write the automated test scripts. 

All programming language has its own set of principles and advanced notions. So you’ve concluded that to begin working with Selenium testing, you must first understand the core java concepts for selenium. When you start working with Selenium, you will naturally drive to learn more Java. So don’t put off working with Selenium until you’ve mastered java concepts for seleniumSelenium with Java Online Training teaches about the java programs for selenium under the guidance of experienced mentors.

Some basic Java concepts that you should master before working with Selenium:

  • Have knowledge of Object-Oriented Programming concepts.
  • Testers know about the variables and Datatypes 
  • Knowledge in constructors, and Methods
  • Testers should have deep knowledge of Arithmetic and Logical operators
  • Know about Control statements is an essential skill to start working with java for selenium testing
  • understanding both Inputs and outputs in Java
  • Inheritance
  • Be versed in Overloading and overriding concepts.
  • Testers should comprehend access specifiers, modifiers, inheritance, interface, abstract class.
  • one who begins to work with selenium. they must be fit in Exception handling, String operations, and array operations.
  • Learn Wrapper classes and collections is very important for automation testing
  • Understanding JDBC will support you to connect any database
  • Learn the Basics of regular expressions, threads, generics, and reflections are useful to write test scripts on your own.

These java concepts give a count of how much java is required for selenium. If you plan to start your career in selenium automation testingsSelenium with Java course would be the right choice to get training in java programs for selenium.