Greatest Challenges of Selenium

Greatest Challenges of Selenium


Selenium is a portable software testing application owned by the Apache Software Foundation. Nowadays selenium is the top automation testing software. here we discuss the greatest challenges of selenium.

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Challenges of Selenium


The Selenium testing technique allows you to perform tests on practically any Web browser and operating system. However, the number of tests that may be done at the same time is still limited. The speed of a Selenium testing approach is determined by the testers’ node or hub setups. However, using a cloud-based tool and Selenium Grid, testers may test in parallel. To know more about the Selenium concepts with the support of Selenium Training in Hyderabad at FITA Academy.

Pop Up windows:

Notifications or pop-ups on Windows provide various obstacles for every Selenium testing strategy. When a prompt or basic confirmation notification appears throughout the testing process, Selenium finds it difficult to close or accept such notification. However, with the switch to technique, these types of web-based warnings may be readily handled while the browser remains in the background.

 Fixed reporting facilities:

While Selenium has improved automated testing capabilities, it does not provide much reporting on its own. However, testers can create an output folder that includes processes such as execution time, pass and fail count, and errors, among other things. Third-party applications, such as CrossBrowserTesting, can also collect images of web browsers and distribute various data via connectors with HipChat and Slack.

Challenges of flaky tests:

Selenium can produce flaky tests as well as for timeouts for testers. To eliminate such flaws, testers must thoroughly examine the results using a head-on approach.

 Multi-tab testing:

Selenium has multi-tab testing features, however, they might be inconvenient if testers do not provide the necessary commands. For example, if the testers wish to start a new tab to do a certain activity without closing the previous, they must return to the parent tab to operate both tabs. The switch to method implementation might assist you in dealing with such instances in web browser testing.

Mobile testing challenges:

Selenium can run on any internet browser or operating system, but it has very limited capabilities when it comes to mobile testing. For example, while Selenium makes it easy to test the web version of HubSpot on Safari, mobile Safari does not provide a solution. In this case, Appium, a Selenium competitor, can be used for mobile testing. Learn the Top Challenges of Selenium with the support of Selenium Training in Pune