Different Ways of Intrusion Detection System For Cyber Security

Different Ways of Intrusion Detection System For Cyber Security

This blog, we will discuss Different Ways of Intrusion Detection System For Cyber Security. It will helpful for all professionals.

Cyber Security:

Cybersecurity is the method of preserving key systems and sensitive data against online threats.

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An intrusion detection system monitors network traffic, detects unusual activity, and alerts the network administrator or the system. Its primary duty is to monitor all inbound and outbound traffic to alert the network or system to any prospective assaults or key suspects. It not only indicates or detects but also takes appropriate steps, such as preventing the user from accessing the system.

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Here we discuss some basic information about internet security that each type of Intrusion Detection System provided.


Network intrusion systems are implemented at strategic points or within networks to monitor all network activity. It is capable of detecting malicious packets that are designed to be ignored by firewalls. However, while scanning for incoming and outgoing traffic, can slow down the overall speed of the computer network.


Host-based IDS runs on individual system devices or hosts, monitoring all incoming and outgoing packets to alert the administrator or user of any malicious threats.

Signature-based IDS

Signature-based intrusion detection systems (IDS) analyze system packets and compare them to attributes or signatures of known harmful threats. The performance of signature-based IDS is similar to how antivirus software detects viruses. During the threat detection process, a lag is generated between the threats and is identified between the lags and the signature. The IDS will be unable to detect any new threats during these delay times. You will learn the 

With the aforementioned intrusion prevention solutions, your system, as well as your network connections, may be secured, and you can use safe and secure internet access while maintaining your online identity. 

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