SEO Training in Chennai: Introduction to Google Search Console

seo training in chennaiAbout a decade ago, Google introduced the Google Webmaster Tools. It offers various convenient options for webmasters for managing all of their websites, it includes submit sitemap to Google, create robots.txt file, communicate with Google’s bots and set preferred domain names. The integration of webmaster tools can benefit both Google and Webmasters. By using this tool, administrators can make sure their webpages are optimized and get various suggestions to streamline and standardize your websites to be search engine friendly so that you can achieve higher rankings in search engine result page. In this article, we are going to discuss about the importance of Webmaster tool in SEO Training in Chennai.

Why Webmaster Is So Popular:

Recently, Google Webmaster is renamed as Google Search Console. Now, so many website administrators depend on this awesome tool to manage their website and communicate with Google. By using this tool, you can have total control to your website. Google Search Console looks more inviting and it offer various incredible features for webmaster tool fans: small business owners, hobbyists, SEO experts, marketers, programmers, app developers, designers, etc.

What New in Google Search Console:

Initially, Google simply referring creating of Search Console as rebranding of Webmaster, more or like Webmaster Tools 2.0. In 2015, Google allows it developers to use search console and add their suggestions for further improvement. Search Engine Land, leading SEO related website has confirmed to major updates. One is “Search Analytics” report for users and another is “Fetch” option. It gives more information about how Google sees your website content.

Are you one of the small business owner, still not used webmaster tool in the past? Then, Google Search Console is bets platform to start.

Why to Use Google Search Console:

Know Your Visitors:

Search Console features most powerful analysing tool named Search Analytics, which help the webmasters to have deep understanding about the web traffic. Using this tool, you can able to apply several filter to drill down various traffic elements like impression, clicks, click-through-rate, keyword rankings, page analytics, location and much more.

You can monitor your website backlinks in the “Links Report” section. It offers detailed reports like linking domains, anchor test, unique domains and list of most popular pages. External links are very important for SEO which plays a significant role in keyword positioning. “Manual Action” section gives webmasters more information about Google Penalties.

Get Feedback from Search Console:

If you want to have clear insight about how Google’s Web crawlers see your website, you can check it Google errors report. Errors like 403 and 404 errors that Google bot finds will be listed here. You can also even filter out by the device. Robots.txt tester tool will check for all files (webpages, JavaScript, CSS) for errors.

See How Google Has Indexed:

Under this option, webmaster can see how many pages of your website indexed on Google. Pages crawled by “Google Bots” will be displayed here. If you want to exclude a file from search engine result pages, you can use robots.txt file. You can consider taking webmaster training from reputed SEO Online Course to boost your expertise in digital marketing.

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