Selenium Training: Introduction to Selenium Automation Testing

Selenium is an open source testing tool used for validating web applications. It is one of the most portable and reliable testing tool available on the internet. Selenium automation testing framework is released under Apache 2.0 license. This tool was developed by Jason Huggins and other testers at Thoughtworks in the year 2014.  Being an open source testing tool, selenium is used in most of the software testing firms to deliver quality software product catering the client requirements. Selenium is highly regarded testing and its adoption is increasing at faster pace. It has created huge career prospects for talented professionals.

Taking selenium training in Chennai is highly recommended for freshers and talented professionals looking to start their career in software testing industry with good salary range. In the agile software development process, software testing professionals are working with software tester’s right from the coding part to deliver best performing software/web product to the client within the deadline. In this article, we are going to discuss about the advantage of taking Selenium Online Training.

Selenium is mainly used for functional and regression testing. The record and playback option in this tool makes software validation process lot simpler and effective. Selenium testing tool is built on java platform and it’s highly employed in validating web application. The main components of selenium testing framework includes

  • Selenium IDE
  • Selenium RC
  • Selenium WebDriver

Selenium IDE:

Selenium Integrated Development Environment is a Firefox extension that allows the testers to record, edit and debug tests. It’s created Shinya Kasatani and donated to selenium project. Selenium IDE reduces the manual effort and save overall testing effort as it can be reused on other testing projects. Test scripts are record Selenese, specialized scripting language for selenium.

  • Easy to Run and Record
  • Create and run multiple tests
  • Can apply breakpoints at any point of time
  • Save test Scripts in Java, C#, PHP and other programing language

Selenium RC:

Selenium Remote Control, also called as Selenium 1. This tool offers more flexible and innovative approach to create and run browser tests. It is very compatible java application and supports most of the modern web browsers.  IT allows testers to write test scripts in any programming languages. Selenium RC is a server, developed on Java that accepts commands through HTTP. Selenium now supports variety of programming languages such as PHP, PERL, .NET, Ruby, Python and Java.

Selenium Web Driver:

Selenium Web Driver also called as Selenium 2. It is a browser automation testing framework that accepts commands usually in Selenese or any other programming language (Java, PHP, C#, PERL, .Net) and sends them to the browsers. This feature can be implemented through specialized browser-quantified driver which directs command to browsers and get outputs.

Why to Use Selenium Automation Testing Tool?

Selenium is most efficient and reliable automation testing framework available on the internet. It is compatible with modern web browsers (Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari, and Opera) that make browser automation testing lot effective.

As selenium is getting very popular in software testing industry, there are huge career prospect for talented professionals. Take Selenium training from FITA, Selenium Course in Bangalore to enter software testing industry.

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